Arm The Pit Presents
Darkness In The World
Artist: Anti-Social
Title: Darkness In The World
Price: 7.95
Genre: Punk
Record Label: ATP Records
About This Artist
Anti-Social started playing their brand of hardcore punk in 1986. Formed in Montebello Anti-Social was led by Charlie Cordova (bass & lead vocals) and Manny Cordova (guitar) with Gabriel Marquez on (drums). With this three-piece line up the band started playing house parties as well as underground hall and warehouse shows around East L.A. and SGV. Anti-Social continued to prove itself a force in the punk rock circuit until its demise in 1994. In 2004 the line-up of Manny and Charlie Cordova joined by Tim Baca on drums reunited to pick up where it had left off decades before playing several great shows and garnering great revues in local rags. The band's shows have continued the tradition of Anti-Social teaming up with such great acts as Bad Religion, The Adicts, 7 Seconds, Swinging Utters, The Varukers, The Lurkers (U.K), and old school acts like The Weirdos, The Crowd, The Nip Drivers, JFA, and Mad Parade. The band has just completed a brand new full length LP in October 2015 that includes both old and new material with an all-star lineup featuring Charlie Cordova (bass & lead vocals), Manny Cordova (guitar & vocals), and Chuck West (drums & vocals). In the meantime, do yourself the favor and catch Anti-Social the next time they are in your town, you will not be disappointed.
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