Arm The Pit Presents
Artist: Alforna
Title: Awake
Price: $10.00
Genre: Metal
Record Label: Unsigned
About This Artist
After a view additions and departures of single members of the bands ENCOUNTER and ALFORNA basic members Gernot (drummer), Fize (bass) and Mandi (guitar) made a new start in 2009. Shortly after Andi (guitar) joined the band and things were improving. In this imaginative and productive period numerous new songs were created. Also legendary pieces of the former bands ALFORNA (ENCOUNTER) were newly interpreted.
Finally in 2012 the band was completed by singer Daniel „Peaschtä“ and a further guitarist (solo) Christof (a former member of the band ENCOUNTER). Both of them have always been friends and no strangers to the music business as they gathered a lot of stage experience with both ALFORNA and ENCOUNTER. Among others they performed with Sepultura, Soulfly, Entombed, Dog Eat Dog, Schweisser and Arch Enemy.
Our music style can not be assigned to one certain genre, but will be mostly defined as Thrash Metal if you like. Anyhow it is up to the listeners and for us it’s just our ALFORNA metal, as it stands for independence. Our aim is to present our music to the audience in as many live performances as possible. We are all working members yet ready to meet any challenges that are still to come
About This CD
The debut EP from Alforna
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