Arm The Pit Presents
Rockin To America
  1. What Do I Have To Do?
    We ask that you set up an account on "Only What I Need Now".
  2. Why Do I Need An Only What I Need Now Account?
    Working with "Only What I Need Now" a retail-ready copy of your CD is duped on demand when a order is placed. The benefit to you is you do not incur upfront costs of duping your CDs before you can sell them. Once you've signed up and uploaded your CD artwork and music your CD is available to begin selling on"Rockin To America".
  3. What We Will Do?
    We build you a permanent 24/7 online artist page featuring a CD Cover thumbnail linking to your CD page featuring your CD information and song clips. We create 30 second samples of your music. We change/update your page(s) at your request at any time. We handle the CD sales, duping, and shipping the CDs out to customers for you.
  4. What About The Money?
    "Rockin To America" collects $3 for duping and packaging + $2.95 S&H for each CD sold. Payment is made to you at the end of each month to your PayPal account. There is no waiting to reach a certain threshold amount before being paid.
  5. How Do I Get Started?
    Click on the link below which will open a new window and take you to the sign up page on "Only What I Need Now" to get started.
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